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3 autumn plans on the Costa Dorada - Mediterranean Way

Actualizado: 23 nov 2019

In Mediterranean Way we have always liked to offer the best tourist apartments on the Costa Dorada but we still love being able to offer different activities during each time of the year where you can enjoy a little more of your vacation experience.

Now it is time for some of Castañas and "panellets", to wear the first cardigan or even to dress up in the best costume in order to terrorize their friends on Halloween. The leaves fall and the trees are dyed in that mustard tone that we adore so much. Yes friends, summer is gone but we leave you the 5 things you can do and enjoy in La Costa Dorada in autumn:

1- Enjoy Halloween at Port Aventura World:

En esta época del año puedes disfrutar de Port Aventura World con el ambiente más terrorífico y los mejores espectáculos de Halloween. Consigue ya tus entradas, que se acaban!

2- RallyRacc 2019:

As every year the world rally championship leaves its mark on the capital of the Costa Dorada: Salou. Stroll along its great avenues, enjoy its sunsets and you can also enjoy the best rally with the most experienced pilots in the world!

3- In search of chanterelles:

The good thing about the Costa Dorada is that you can enjoy the sun and the beach but also the mountain, just a few kilometers away you have mountains, vegetation and routes to enjoy a good walk through the mountains. In Catalonia in autumn and especially after the rainy season, the most adventurous enter through the forests of the Costa Dorada in order to find chanterelles. The chanterelles are very characteristic orange and trumpet-shaped mushrooms. Dare and take all you can, if they are not going to overtake you. At night, pass them on the grill, with garlic and parsley, a good slice of bread and extra virgin olive oil. Be careful! Do not take mushrooms that you do not know, you can get intoxicated!

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