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Actualizado: 23 de nov de 2019

Times change and also the ways of travel, so the world of tourism is constantly evolving. Far away is when you went to the nearest travel agency in your city and paid a very large amount of money for an organized vacation. We are in the era of the internet and "Low Cost" flights have changed the way of traveling making what was once a luxury more accessible. That's why in Mediterranean Way we leave you the three ways to travel, each with its nuances and charms:

1-The Hotel

The traveler who prefers a hotel is a person who needs some schedules and a previous organization. He likes to have a schedule for breakfast and wants them to do it. The complete disconnection is your desire. The hotels fight every day so that their clients have the best hotel service in the area and feel loved..

2- Alojamientos vacacionales

Travelers who travel in vacation rentals are much more independent people, who seek privacy and do not mind having to make food to save money, thus having freedom of schedules. You can discover the city from your heart without paying exorbitant amounts of money. Now many companies such as Mediterranean Way, look for the customer experience even more by offering a unique design and the opportunity to get to know the city with experiences such as the opportunity to book in restaurants, routes around the city or even practice paddle surfing with a sunset amazing.

3- The wonderful world of hostels or Hostel Rooms

The hostels have been in the market for a long time where that culture has become a philosophy of travel. With much more relevance outside Spain, today the hostels are getting the batteries offering their (mostly young) customers unique experiences meeting people and visiting the city with friends. And it is that the philosophy of the hostel is very different from that of the Hotel or holiday apartment. Its clients basically seek to travel cheaply by paying beds in rooms and thus be able to travel much more.

In conclusion, our advice is that you travel, no matter how. Enjoy each trip as if it were the last and learn from your trip. You will never forget it.

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